The Herd is a collaborative craft and design brand specialising in the creation of collectible contemporary pieces deeply rooted in African traditional practices and processes. Our unique creations are inspired by and pay homage to the iconic beading culture pioneered and mastered by women of African descent.

At the core of our journey is a steadfast commitment to exploring and revitalising traditional techniques, beginning with the rich tapestry of African beading culture. Acknowledging that beading has historically been a profound form of communication and a labor of love for African women, we aspire to contribute to the restoration of its authentic spiritual beauty, which has been obscured over the years.

Our vision extends beyond mere artistic expression; we are dedicated to creating economic opportunities for our team. Through collaborative efforts in producing distinctive, high-quality contemporary pieces, we honor and sustain the traditional techniques passed down from one generation to the next. Our work serves as both a celebration and preservation of African traditional techniques, uniquely viewed through the lens of contemporary design.