About Us

"The Herd" stands as a craft and design brand offering contemporary collectible pieces deeply rooted in African tradition. Our conversational creations pay tribute to the iconic artisanal skills pioneered and perfected by diverse African cultural groups. Crafting, as a form of communication, has always been a labor of love for the Nguni peopleā€”a creative proclamation passed down through the ages.

Over time, the practice of African traditional craft has been whitewashed, obscuring its inherent divine spiritual beauty and diminishing its true understanding. "The Herd" emerges as a dedicated effort to foster a more meaningful and comprehensive appreciation for the rich tradition of African craftsmanship.

Our vision is to seamlessly blend traditional African craft techniques, handed down through generations, with contemporary design. The result is a collection of exceptional, high-quality pieces that not only celebrate but also preserve the profound legacy of African craft traditions